High School/Middle School Mission Trip 2018

This trip costs $650 per student. A deposit of $100 is due at registration. Registration deadline is December 21.

The summer is a great time to break the pattern of “normal” and do something BIG! For us, no school means more opportunity to explore God’s big world, where we fit in it, and how we can make an impact for the Kingdom! We aim to provide experiences where students can go for it! ...leaving the comfort-zone behind and growing into who God is creating them to be!

This mission trip experience, created for middle and high schoolers, will offer an opportunity to serve in a big way, and share the love of Christ with others. It will be a unique opportunity to learn more about who God has created you to be, grow in fellowship with other students, learn and practice valuable leadership skills, and grow closer to God!

Pass this info on to friends who you'd like to invite...they're welcome too!

This trip is open to current 6th-12th graders.

Trip Dates: July 8-14

Questions? Contact Youth Pastor, Darrin Geier

Our trip will take us to metropolitan Chicago, where we will partner with existing local ministries that serve a variety of needs such as, working with special needs kids, running a sports camp for refugee kids, cleaning and repairing home projects, working on a horse farm that ministers to children with special needs, FCA sports camp, working in a food pantry, helping serve the homeless, packing emergency meals for refugees around the world and many more.

For this trip, we will be using an organization called Lead222. Their "Servant Leadership Experience" uniquely combines a mission trip and a leadership conference into one week-long, high impact trip!

Students will get their hands dirty and their hearts moved as they serve together. Missions projects are all designed to help students serve practical needs and that can range from being very relational to very project oriented.

Students will be given training during the week, where they will be challenged to put their leadership abilities to the test in a fun and interactive way.

During the week, students will engage in experiential opportunities that are designed to help them connect with and worship God.

You can read all about Servant Leadership trips online at: www.servantleadershipexperience.org

Servant Leadership Experience invitation from Lead222

Host Site (where we sleep, have our evening sessions etc.): Community Fellowship Church in West Chicago, IL. (Plan to bring air mattress and bedding)

Showers: A local school

For a glimpse at what a typical Servant Leadership week looks like, click here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ku6OJ7Hhiy8l1-gKx4_H8aJ8HU1I0h3Y/view?usp=sharing

It's very common to wonder about personal safety on a trip like this. Find answers to this and many other questions here: https://lead222.com/information-sl/faq-sl


This trip, is a part of a much bigger plan. Take a look again at our sequence of summer trips...


This trip costs $650 per student. A deposit of $100 is due at registration. REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 21. (Deposit is non-refundable after registration deadline).

The remainder of the trip cost ($550) is due April 23rd.

***We're excited to be able to offer this trip at a savings of over $220 per student thanks to a successful Pumpkin Patch fundraiser!***

If you would like to fund-raise for your remaining trip expenses ($550), please talk to Darrin. He can guide and resource you with what's needed to send support letters. Please let Darrin know by March 1 if you'd like this assistance.

Thanks for completing your registration before the deadline: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21.

Press SUBMIT to register and pay the $100 deposit. (Non-refundable after registration deadline)


This trip costs $650 per student. A deposit of $100 is due at registration. Registration deadline is December 21.